Cyril Brass

Freelance Photographer and Travel Writer

Cyril Brass Photographer

As a Canada-based freelance photographer and travel writer, Cyril is able to travel around the world, recording all the beauty that is around us through his camera and his notepad.

Through the many travel adventures and encounters to exotic destinations, Cyril has returned with special images of amazing wildlife, spectacular landscapes, friendly people and exciting activities. Each photo excursion highlights all the wonderful things to see and do in the different regions of our precious planet.

With this website, each photo allows every nature lover, outdoor enthusiast, and adventure traveler to see a glimpse and appreciation of what this world has to offer. Cyril has developed a talent for capturing amazing wildlife images and dramatic nature scenes. Each image creates a special story for each viewer to enjoy.  Mysterious, inspirational, captivating, peaceful and funny are some of the words used by clients to describe Cyril’s photographs.

Cyril Brass Feed Giraffe at Calgary ZooWith our busy lives today, the beauty in our world often goes unnoticed & unappreciated until you place an image in front of them to view up close. Through photography and writing, Cyril wants to increase the awareness of all the natural beauty surrounding us and all the endless adventures for everyone to enjoy in these unique destinations. Cyril with masai men in Kenya

Seeing is Believing!   Experiencing is Everlasting!!

When Cyril is not traveling, he provides photography services to clients, who request top quality images of a sporting competition, a special celebration or event, a real estate property wanting to be sold, or images for a commercial website or brochure. His work has also been published in books, magazines and newspapers.


What People are saying about Cyril’s Photography and Writing

“Your article went a long way toward ‘classin’ up the joint’.. so, thank you for that.”  Bob Fielder, Publisher Creaturesall magazine, Alberta, Canada


“Excellent stuff, Cyril. Great story. The challenge will be in finding room for enough of your pictures. I may break with tradition and go beyond my normal maximum of 2 pages. Thank you for the effort and thought… I wish I had known of you 3 issues ago.”  Bob Fielder, Publisher Creaturesall magazine, Alberta, Canada


“Hello Cyril, I am very happy with the [giraffe] print, thanks again.”  S. Jaspar, Alberta, Canada


“Those are awesome! Thank you so much! What a great way to showcase our competitors and show the variety of events we offer.”  A. Pierce, webmaster of www.calgaryhighlandgames.org, Alberta, Canada


“The [Coast to Coast 5-day Challenge Race] photos are really great!!! Thank you so much. I am especially glad that you were at the ropes location.  Those pictures are spectacular. Sorry we didn’t see you out in the jungle:)). I hope the other teams also buy your cd – we want to support you and hope to see you at next years race.  Great job Cyril – thanks again !!!!”  R. Pilley, California, USA,


“Thanks Cyril..and the [yoga]  pictures are great!”  M. Davidson, Alberta, Canada


Helping the World!!

In January 2002, Cyril joined Foster Parents Plan as child sponsor. He chose Kenya as the place to sponsor someone because he had seen first-hand, travelling to different parts of Kenya and Tanzania, the extreme poverty and harsh conditions in which many children and families live in.

His sponsor child’s name is Samson. It is exciting for Cyril to receive letters from Samson as well as a yearly report explaining how things are with Samson and his family, the work that is being done to improve the lives of the community in which Samson lives in.


Foster Parents Plan Logo







“Good for you sponsoring those friends of yours in Kenya, both animals and human. Samson is lucky guy to know that there’s someone over here in Canada who care about him”  J.Calderin, Edmonton, Canada



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